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Our hockey jerseys are now available for purchase!

Purdue Club Hockey program have made its newly-designed jerseys available for purchase

After much anticipation, the Purdue Club Hockey program have made its newly-designed jerseys available for purchase. These jerseys came about as part of what is going to be an entire overhaul of the club’s uniforms for the 2019-2020 season, a project that was realized under the guidance of Rebirth Sports®. The jerseys that are for sale are replicas of those that will actually be worn by the team on the ice next year. Customers have the choice of a primarily black with the Purdue P logo on the front or a primarily black jersey with the blocked “Purdue” lettering on the front that is commonly seen on Purdue’s basketball jerseys. Outside of style selection, customers also have the option to either get their jersey blank with no numbering/name on the back or customize their jersey with a number (2 digits) and name of their choice. Blank jerseys of either color scheme are $120, while customized jerseys are $130. They will be up for sale until March 22, so get one while they last. The money from these purchases goes directly to the Purdue Club Hockey program and can be utilized to fuel the day-to-day tasks of the club, especially in preparation for next season when the team will return to competitive play. This is not the case with jerseys that are for sale at campus bookstores or other merchants, as these jerseys are not affiliated with the club. Purchasing an official Purdue Club Hockey jersey not only benefits you as the consumer but also simultaneously helps to keep the club afloat and allow it to function.
For more information on the process for purchasing a jersey, follow this link:
NOTICE: These uniforms will be provided by Rebirth Sports®, an official licensed vendor of the Purdue University. Proceeds of this fundraising sale go towards yearly expenses of the Purdue University club hockey program. All sales must go through the team directly.