Frequently Asked Questions


  • What rink do we practice and play out of? How far is it?

    Currently, we practice in the Artic Zone in Westfield, IN. We play games at the Indy Fuel Tank in Fishers. The Artic Zone is about a 45-minute drive from campus. Fishers is about 1-hour drive from campus.


  • How do we get to practice and games?

    The Hockey Club rents out 12 passenger vans from the University with at least 2 registered drivers per van.


  • What is the time commitment like?

    Anywhere from 3-9 hours per week depending on the schedule.


  • What is the level of play of the team and the teams we play against?

    Purdue Hockey is a Division 3, ACHA collegiate level hockey club. We are one of the founding members of the ICHC. We play various teams ranging from Big Ten schools to smaller schools in Indiana.


  • How many practices do we have per week and are there any kind of off-ice practices

    We have one practice a week, typically on Wednesday’s. Throughout the semester, we will have organized workouts at the Co-Rec.


  • What are the details on tryouts and how many people make the team?

    Tryouts are typically around Labor Day. We roster 18 skater and 2-3 goalies.